About Us
About Our Company

Fibera, Inc. was founded in 2001 and has years of expertise in applying laser and fiber optic technology
for precision distance, speed, and weighing measurement.

Users of Fibera's products include major railroad operations companies in Asia, telecommunications
companies, geotechnical companies, and foreign governments.

Fibera's CEO, John Tsai, received his Ph.D. from Stanford University under the guidance of Professor
Arthur Schawlow,  Nobel Laureate and co-inventor of the laser. Dr. Tsai joined Hewlett Packard in 1980
and developed the laser interferometer system, a precision displacement measurement device.

Dr. Tsai later founded Excel Precision Corp. which he continued and developed new generation laser
metrology systems. This metrology system has been widely accepted and used in semiconductor, disc
drive, and metrology industries.  Dr. Tsai has extensive experience in corporate management, marketing
and sales, and manufacturing.  Dr. Tsai has 20+ granted and pending patents.